At Newhaus we envision a sustainable future shaped by responsible, purpose-driven businesses that recognize that profits, people and the planet are equal priorities.

About Newhaus Communications

Newhaus Communications is a strategic B2B communications consultancy that helps purpose driven and sustainability-oriented businesses grow and magnify their impact.

Newhaus Communications

  • Provides new, innovative ideas and strategies;
  • Accelerates growth in new markets;
  • Enables new business development;
  • Integrates communications strategies under one roof.

Newhaus Communications is owned by Maike Althaus, a global brand building and growth communications expert with extensive experience leading and managing integrated B2B communications initiatives in North America and Europe. Her wide-ranging expertise includes: Advocacy, On- and Offline Stakeholder Engagement, Media Relations, Social Media Management and Corporate Publishing.

Maike worked in the global clean tech sector for almost a decade. She also served as a board member of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA). Maike is a certified PR Consultant and has been communicating in Germany, Canada and the U.S. for global companies such as Senvion, Veolia Water, Viessmann, E.ON and BNP Paribas Cardif as well as for governments, politicians and not-for-profits. She is fluent in French, English and German and has a background in Political Science, International Law and Linguistics.

Maike is passionate about start-ups and expanding businesses where she brings her new market expertise, her strategic thinking capacity and her hands-on mentality to bear. She excels in dynamic, fast-paced environments that require the ability to quickly shift gears, problem solve and think out of the box.




Newhaus views communications as a beacon that helps organizations find and defend their sweet spot in the market. Communications contribute to achieving an organizational or a business goal or to solving a problem. In order to leverage the whole palette of communications to fulfill the task at hand, Newhaus works with a network of business consultants, CSR and policy experts, video- and photographers, graphic designers and editors.

Communications strategy development and implementation

At the core of every successful communications activity is a thorough analysis of the status quo. What strengths can we build on, what weaknesses should we be aware of, where are the opportunities and what threats do we need to circumvent? The definition of the right strategy comes next: what exactly are we aiming at and how do we get there most efficiently? This means we have to identify our leverage, know our audiences and define the very essence of our communications efforts: the messages that supply our communications content. Newhaus can help with every step in the process.

Brand development and positioning

Brand building starts with a lot of questions. The first question is: how do we want our organization or our product to be perceived by our target audiences? The answer to this question is limited by our organization‘s potential and by the environment it is operating in. It helps us determine the brand positioning. A crucial element – especially when it comes to successful brand building. Next is a definition of the brand identity – the attributes and values of a brand which inform design aspects and wording as well as sales, customer management and hiring processes. It is a crucial element of a company’s performance in the market.

Brand building and brand awareness through ongoing communications

Brand building is a long-term process and the result of numerous interactions and communications with our audiences, based on pre-defined communications content. There’s a wide array of tools that can be leveraged. Whatever might be right for your organization, Newhaus can help with media relations, social media planning and management as well as other hands-on communications tasks.